Beyond the Wire presents four games for $2 each!

I’m currently in some dire straights financially right now, but I’m not one to just ask for money, so I’m sellin’ some games! I’ve put together a store webpage where you’ll find four quick-and-dirty games being sold in PDF format for $2 each. These games are:

Knuckleheads!:  a slapstick RPG in the Three Stooges/Laurel & Hardy vein
Construction & Conquest: a customized wargame using LEGO
Crow’s Hoard: a card game similar to Hearts, but a lot crazier, and
Caffeine & Nicotine Live Action Roleplay: an experimental RPG inspired by the film Coffee & Cigarettes

Please, if you like Super Action Now! or The Rustbelt or MADcorp, or even just like reading my blog and you want me to be able to keep designing/writing, buy these games, and talk your friends into buying them. They’re cheap and short. I’ve played them all and they’re all fun.

(I don’t understand automated PDF stuff, so I’m just gonna email the things out to the people who buy ’em. I only get to go online a couple of hours every day, so bear with me if you don’t get ’em right away.)

    • Donald Wheeler
    • July 21st, 2010

    Hi Marshall (Daniel) – I ordered a Rustbelt ashcan version from on April 25, 2010. I haven’t heard anything yet about shipping or anything, and haven’t been able to find you on the available email addresses. If you need the PayPal email, I can send that to you – if you aren’t able to ship the Rustbelt, I’d appreciate a refund if possible; if not, maybe the PDFs that you mention above?

    Thank you,
    Donald Wheeler

    • Holy crap! Dude, I am way, way, way sorry! I can’t believe I missed your order.

      Hmm, how do we want to handle this? I currently can’t ship you the ashcan, which is obsolete anyway at this point. I’m also presently incapable of giving a refund.

      I can definitely send you the PDFs mentioned above, but that’s only an $8 value, and you put up $12 for the Rustbelt book. So, how does this sound: I count your $12 towards a pre-order of the Rustbelt first edition when it comes out in the next month or three, AND I send you these PDFs as a bonus to make up for my completely boneheaded error?

      Also: what email address were you trying? If you sent it to marksman45 [at], I should have got it.

    • Donald Wheeler
    • July 21st, 2010

    No worries, man – I kind of figured that was the case. Please use, if’n you would. As for which email address, it was the one associated the unstore/PayPal thing. Your suggestion sounds fine to me – how’s the progress going on the next Rustbelt version? Btw, Ron Edwards is in a worse position than you – he’s sitting a couple hundred bucks worth of outstanding orders :-) Apparently I set the “don’t worry about it” bit when I ordered :)

    • That’s weird, that’s the right email address. Maybe my spam filter kicked it?

      The next Rustbelt version is currently being edited. Once that’s done, I’ll be doing layout myself, which I expect will take a week or two, and I’ll be illustrating the cover myself, which I also expect to take a week or two. Once all that’s done, I’ll be taking preorders.

      So, if everything goes according to plan, Rustbelt 1st Edition should be out in August or September. But, y’know, that’s if it goes according to plan.

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